Private Sessions

Working Together is a Creative Process


Together, we look at your health history, current movement and postural patterns, and wellness goals to design a treatment plan.  We will find the perfect balance between therapeutic massage performed on the table and more movement-oriented approaches.


More details on the modalities I use are listed below.  You can dive deep into one modality for one or more sessions, or we can create blended sessions to suit your needs and interests.  When scheduling, choose the modality that you’d like to work in primarily, and then we can discuss how to focus the session when you arrive.  






Therapeutic Massage:   The bodywork is performed on a massage table and the client is undressed to their level of comfort under a sheet.  I work with oils directly on the skin using techniques from Swedish massage, and myofascial (deep tissue) release.   This work can break up adhesions in muscle and connective tissue, restoring mobility and circulation to long-stagnant and bound areas.  My work “talks to your brain” by accessing the nervous system to release chronic patterns of holding in body and mind.  Clients become more aware of and learn to release chronic tension through imagery, breathwork, and mindful contraction/release of muscles.  In addition to swedish and deep tissue, I also include techniques from Neuromuscular Reprogramming, Trager Bodywork, Craniosacral Therapy, and Polarity Therapy (energy work).



Neuromuscular Reprogramming:  Neuromuscular Reprogramming is an elegant system to restore coordination between muscle groups.  The basic issue is usually that one muscle is overactive and compensating for others that are too sleepy: muscles that are not doing what they are designed for get very grumpy!  Clients will be asked to activate muscles against gentle pressure as a way of testing for neurological functioning.  The therapist then inhibits the overactive muscle with manual techniques and reactivates the sleepy one by asking the client to contract.  It’s amazing how quickly pain goes away once your muscles are active and in communication!  Read here for an in-depth explanation of NMR called “The Missing Link” in rehabilitation by Massage and Bodywork Magazine.




Developmental Movement Repatterning:  We all started off as a single cell in the uterus of our biological mother.  From there we go on an amazing journey, finally learning to walk around one year of age.  Postural, neurological and social development are deeply intertwined with the character and quality of our individual journey through movement development.  By returning to earlier patterns of movement (crawling and even earlier movements), we can repattern postural and movement habits that cause pain and limitation.   In other words, there may be a developmental reason why a certain area of the body always feel weak/tight/etc.    


Functional Movement:  In addition to my training as a dancer and yogi, I have over 120 hours of Training in the Axis Syllabus – a technique for biomechanically efficient movement.  We will look at your pattern of walking – the basis of adult movement.  Slight modification in gait can have huge ramifications for issues in the knees, hips, and all throughout the body.  How many steps do you take a day?  A slight error in alignment or coordination is magnified by repetition, and small changes can make big improvements in functioning.  


Yoga, Meditation, and Breathwork: I have 19 years of experience practicing yoga and 12 as a teacher.  Yoga classes in studios and gyms are great, however, due to large class sizes with varying levels, many beginners never receive personalized instruction in alignment.  It’s easy to practice unsafely and injuries are common.  I can help you learn to practice yoga in classes with proper alignment and offer modifications to avoid injury and get the most out of your practice.  I can also design self-care routines that match your needs.




Contact Improvisation:  I have been teaching Contact Improvisation in the triangle community for six years.  Contact Improvisation is a form of improvisational partner dance based on weight sharing, touch, mindful connection, and dancing in partnership with gravity.  Video here of some of my heros.  Look at the amazing fluidity and integrity of their bodies! My students make incredible progress in their physical and emotional well-being in the public class setting, and many find it useful to work together privately.  Your entire session can be a CI lesson, or we can weave in bodywork, functional movement, and developmental movement.  I can do lessons for 1-2 people in both locations, and small-group privates can be arranged at my Durham office.  




I always have 15 minutes of transition time between clients, so your “appointment” may take 5-10 minutes longer than the length of your “session.”

  • 60-minute  session: $80
  • 90-minute session: $110


Sliding Scale Sessions:

The same amount of money means different things to different people.  I offer 4 sliding scale sessions per month for those struggling to balance self-care with bills, student loans and life expenses.  If you’d like to receive work or continue with our sessions, but cannot afford the standard rates, please email me and I will add you to my list of sliding scale sessions.


Sliding Scale Rates:

  • 60-minute  session: $50-$80
  • 90-minute session: $70-$110